If DocAssist Editors have access to more than one DocAssist SQL database, the Connection tool on the Word DocAssist Editor Ribbon can be configured to provide a quick access between those databases.


Select the Connection button in the Tools Grouping on the Word/DocAssist Editor Ribbon.

The following dialog will appear.

Setup of Connection Tool

  • The DocAssist Editor must be set up in each SQL database that the Connection tool is linked to in the UserRoles table. See DocAssist Editor UserRoles for instructions.
  • The New button allows for a connection to be added
    • Create a name for the connection
    • Add the SQL path of the connection
    • Encrypt the connection (if required)
  • Select the OK button
  • The connection can also then be:
    • Copied
    • Edited or
    • Deleted using the buttons shown above.

Using the Connection Tool

Once the Connection tool is opened click on the dropdown arrow to change between connections. The checkbox below the dropdown can be checked to set a default connection.

Note: Check to make sure the editor has access to each sql database before setting up that database in the New button. If the editor does not have the required access the connection tool will return an error when that connection name is selected.