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[HOW-TO] – Enforcing the DocAssist addins to always be enabled

Microsoft Office from 2013 onwards addin resilency setting may disable customised addins if those addins are perceived as slow to load when opening Office applications. Please see this article for further information – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/vba/outlook/Concepts/Getting-Started/support-for-keeping-add-ins-enabled If you experience issues with either the Word or Outlook DocAssist addins becoming disabled, (either the DocAssist addin icon is not […]

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How to edit the DocAssist templates in Word

Edit or add new DocAssist templates to the Home/New menu in Word Download and install an Office RibbonX Editor We recommend using an Office RibbonX Editor for customising the ribbon XML with Word templates. Download the latest version from https://github.com/fernandreu/office-ribbonx-editor Backup the DocAssistUser.dotm template Close Microsoft Word. Create a back copy of the DocAssistUser.dotm template […]

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Connection Settings – Encrypt

How to encrypt the DocAssist connection string in the DocAssist Settings.xml file Create & run the Word macro below The following prompt will appear on running the above macro in Word The current connection string will show in it’s encrypted and unencrypted forms. You can also edit the connection string and the encrypted string will […]

Navigating through the controls

While completing your document, there are various methods of navigating through the controls While in ‘Prompt’ mode (ie before you click the OK button), you can: Tab to move forward or shift tab to move back through the controls on the pane Click on the controls in the pane using your mouse Click the forward […]